Ubenabon serves unique and innovative fusion Cinnamon rolls. Specializing in Ube and Pandan while upholding the importance of taste, intricacy and traditional flavors.

Story of Ubenabon

Ubenabon’s inception occurred during the uncertainties that came about with the rise of the global COVID-19 pandemic. With the world seemingly locked away, leaving a bitter taste among people, it opened up the opportunity for Jem to not only bring a little sweetness into everyone’s lives but also spread the richness of Filipino culture through her passion in the art of baking.

The once quarantine hobby has now evolved into a fortunate craft that has allowed Jem to continue to support her family. Ubenabon’s handcrafted desserts put a twist on the traditional cinnamon roll with an infusion of natural extracted Ube flavor and organic ingredients then finally topped with her house made frosting become a favorite.

Her delicious concept has caught the eye of numerous customers around the greater Los Angeles area as well as throughout the country. Whether you’re an LA native or from another state, you can have Ubenabon Classic Rolls at your fingertips

Jem is a self-taught baker as well as a self-made entrepreneur. She is a proud Filipino-American who so happens to be a Los Angeles Native.

Jemelynn Adriano

Chef & Owner

 Location: 3519 W Commonwealth Ave #M, Fullerton, CA 92833